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BPI Asia Ltd

Welcome to BPI Asia Ltd. Home of Wisdom in the IT Industry

We are an established Technology consulting firm helping businesses fit the right IT to their work practices. We are based in Hong Kong and operating in Asia Pacific and beyond as the projects take us.

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Kiron Chatterjee

Led by a Hong Kong IT Veteran (45+ years experience) and joined by many trusted professionals in different industries.

We come together focusing on bringing Technology value to our clients and projects.


We operate at an advisory level plus focus on technologies and methods that help you grow and become more productive.

Post Covid 19 we see AI, Internal Innovation and Blockchain (in the near future).

To that end we work with

  • a ground-breaking truly unique AI tool from Analycat Ltd, that can bind human intelligence digitally to data and build decisioning models

  • offer internal workshops designed to uncover innovative ideas that improve productivity and

  • as Blockchain becomes mainstream we are working Guardtime to safeguard data provenance and security


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  1. Advisory Technology Leadership support services to C-Suite and Board.

  2. Support for "Going Digital"

  3. Groundbreaking AI tools from Analycat Ltd aimed at individual experts and small data. The opposite of big data and big AI.

  4. Internal workshops focused on innovative thinking that brings out internally held ideas to improve your company.

  5. Readiness to support on Blockchain initiatives deploying the fast emerging services of Guardtime. 



We are blessed and grateful to have a very strong network of Professional Associates and Organisations who work with us on interesting IT development projects.


This list is growing. We are building a network of resellers in particular for Analycat and the AI tools.



We are currently working in three areas- Artificial intelligence, Innovation design workshops and Blockchain. In addition we work with a network of professional associates, each with impeccable credentials bringing them together depending on the requirements of each project.

For more information on our business partners, please click the images below.