Our Team

Kiron Chatterjee

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CEO – BPI Asia Ltd -12 years

Co-Founder and Managing Director – Ingenium Advisory Pte Ltd. – 6 years

Core Associate (since 2003) - Exceptional Resources Group (XRG) 

Awarded Member of 2018 Zubin Foundation HK Diversity List as a Hong Kong Community Connector.


45+ years and still fascinated by technology’s accelerating impact on the world.

  • Hong Kong born. Over 45 years IT and Business Management Experience in HK, Asia and India.

  • Experienced CEO, CIO, Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. Alumni of Research Board and Gartner EXP. 

  • CIO for one of the 10 largest development and airport projects in the 20th Century - CLK Airport Hong Kong 1992 – 1999

  • Today focused on Strategic value of Technology to organizations and helping them move towards being more Digital.

  • Leveraging technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to create better and more secure business processes AND promoting internal innovation design thinking. 

For further information, please see LinkedIn Profile below:


David Piesse

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Combining insurance, IT and risk management over a 35 year career David has worked all financial sectors. He is a specialist in Asia. Holds a certificate of geology and remote sensing to apply to natural disasters and effect on the environment from socio economic and insurance claims aspect


Global Insurance Evangelist and Advisory Board Member of Guardtime, a cybersecurity firm specialising in data centric security and founder of data integrity standard Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI). 

David is on the global advisory board for Ultimate Risk Solutions enacting capital/solvency modelling based on actuarial and stochastic methods, the strategy of world insurance regulation and a Partner/Advisor to Analycat Ltd helping to build a strong Asia/Global pipeline.


Specialties: Cyber Risk, Enterprise Risk Management , Blockchain, Dynamic Financial Analysis , Catastrophe Modeling , Microinsurance , AI and Disruptive technologies

July 18th 2017 David received the Kenneth Black Jr Distinguished Service Award from the International Insurance Society. 


Jonathan Jones

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A recognised leader in the Marine Insurance and Risk.

Hong Kong based. Jonathan was recently appointed Adviser to the TOR Group a 5th generation shipbuilding group which associated with Hawk an exciting new waterborne property group.


New Projects include working with the Shipping community on COVID19 projects to protect seamen and ships utilising Analycat developed AI models AND developing SMART Shipping using Blockchain KSI etc. developed by Guardtime Ltd with specific application to insurance.


Steve Tunstall

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Steve is a Singapore based Insurtech, Insurance & Risk champion with 30 years experience 15 years P&L responsibility. Contributor to the The Insurtech Book - Top Seller on Amazon. Author of RISK and the Asian CEO published 2016. Invited speaker at over 30 conferences every year. Bought and managed insurance programs for customers of every size. In-depth experience of working with FI and non-FI conglomerates across Asia in risk, insurance, compliance, project and general management. Held the post of CEO, Managing Director or equivalent in six companies in four countries. With global experience in over 100 countries brings a broad based and pragmatic approach to the leadership of Insurance, Risk and Opportunities.


CEO at Inzsure.com, An Insurtech platform transforming the commercial insurance experience for SME customers in Singapore by providing an end to end service and a massive reduction of frictional costs. Coming to Malaysia soon.

Committee Member at PARIMA.org, IIS Ambassador for Pan-Asia, Follow me on Twitter @Inzsure1 @TunstallAsc @PARIMAorg



SolusFutura, is a boutique consulting firm specialising in digital transformation. With offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, our consultants are seasoned management consultants who know the digital economy, each with 20 years of industry experience in relevant industries. Our mission is to develop bespoke solution for you so that you can fast track your transformation to be the market winner and be the leader in your industry.

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Alfred Wu – Founding Partner and Chief Executive. alfred@solusfutura.com

Mike Mi – Founding Partner.  mike@solusfutura.com

Honleong Lau – CTO and Technology Evangelist. honz@solusfutura.com