Welcome to the next generation of AI.

Digitally BONDING a Human decision to a set of data.

BPI Asia Ltd is delighted to announce a collaboration with Analycat Ltd as their Asia Pacific Business Development and Implementation Partner. Just as Analycat believes , we too are convinced that technology is meaningless unless it connects with human beings in a way that’s helpful

Presented simply, with underlying complex mathematics and machine learning, Analycats AI tools have the unique innovation of bonding a human decision to small data sets, and going on to build decision based models around this, recording a human decision for permutations of that data.


This is not a black box solution and all decisions are available in real time to experts and regulators. Built quickly by the internal expert and deployed.

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  • Read any volume of data your way

  • Scans data predictively

  • Forward looking like a human

  • Train once, read everything

  • Spread better decisions

  • Capture and accelerate organizational intelligence

  • Use stored decisions as aids in training and onboarding

  • Fill in data gaps

  • Improve data quality

  • Cleanse big data

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  • Tools to aid developers

  • Build apps using SUE core

Offered as:

  • AI-as-a-Service or hosted inhouse.

  • Annual renewable subscription.

  • The ability to test first before buying – run your own Proof of Concepts.

  • The necessary training to get started.

  • Business, Analytical and Technical support from our growing list of Resellers, Partners, and Subject Matter Experts.

We have a growing list of Partner/Resellers including:

David Piesse – A key global influencer in the Insurance Industry.  -

Steve Tunstall – A leading global risk and compliance expert. -

Jonathan Jones – A Maritime Industry expert. -

For more information and a demo/presentation – Please email any of the above OR 

Kiron Chatterjee -

Look below for more information

Analycat E-Brochure

Analycat Introduction

Analycat Use Cases

Sue AI Bot Cases

See working artificial Intelligence model built in ten minutes flat! Build an AI model for any industry with no programming or math needed 

For math and data nerds. Get insight into the power and abilities of Sure doing mathematical fitment and data enhancement for you.

Short video to explain the use of AI in combating Covid 19